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Regarding Dragonblade Chronicles
So.... I have to change the name of the story. Turns out that Dragonblade is already the name of a novel series. And I'm working on chapter 1 right now. From now on, the story will be called "King of Fire: The Child of Prohecy".
:iconparkerdude99:parkerdude99 1 0
why by parkerdude99 why :iconparkerdude99:parkerdude99 1 27


Sam by Mochaeii Sam :iconmochaeii:Mochaeii 4 1 Rose Painting WIP  by Mochaeii Rose Painting WIP :iconmochaeii:Mochaeii 9 0 Cute Catgirls by Fast-Runner-2024
Mature content
Cute Catgirls :iconfast-runner-2024:Fast-Runner-2024 936 51
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My Babbu
I may not have the angelic looking bad boy that all of the girls hate me for,
Or the guy that has spent his entire life in sports and has a eight pack,
I may not have that boy with the accent that the girls swoon over,
I don't have the guy that makes me wait for him on an important day
Nor the guy who thinks he's superior to me
I have the boy who cares for me
Who laughs at my awkwardness
Who helps me through my shyness
He thinks I am beautiful no matter what
He never gets enough of me
Nor do I of him
When he smiles, my problems drift away
When he says my name, my heart flutters
He holds my happiness in his hands
He makes me feel like life is worth it
He helps me bring out my better self
Through every fight...
We become stronger
And I'll never leave him
Because he's my babbu
:icontheheavenlyangel17:TheHeavenlyAngel17 1 1
Cornered by eeliskyttanen Cornered :iconeeliskyttanen:eeliskyttanen 268 39 Mai Jackson Sketch by Mochaeii Mai Jackson Sketch :iconmochaeii:Mochaeii 3 8 Naomi Webbster by Mochaeii Naomi Webbster :iconmochaeii:Mochaeii 5 3 Wurmple Variations + Subspecies by spaded-square Wurmple Variations + Subspecies :iconspaded-square:spaded-square 171 33
Kiriban at 40,000 Pageviews!
1. Be a watcher! Don't just watch me then get the kiri then unwatch me >:3
2. Make a journal then link me OuO
3. Take a screenshot of the page numbers (I watch them, so I'll know if you edited it) 
*You have 5 minutes from the time the page number is reached to get the screenshot to me* 
The Winner gets a free full color picture and icon!!
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There's 69 deviations in my notifications
I'm being interviewed for a feature article on IndieVision Music in support of my debut album, Horizon To Horizon.
Journal will be updated later with a link
Serious time here
So for a very long time, I've had issues with how I looked and what I thought about myself. It's gotten to the point where any joke I make serve only to degrade myself. I always think I'm fat. That I'm an awful person. That nobody likes me. (Btw, I am actually fat, but there were times in my life where I was skinny and still thought I was overweight). I've been feeling depressed for about three years now. Here was my problem, and it still is an issue: I've spent so much time wanting to help other people and lift up other people, that I refused to ask for help and guidance when i needed it. I guess you could say i was so prideful of myself, that I let myself down too hard. This journal is not for attention. If you're experiencing these thoughts, I urge you to talk to somebody. Anybody. Your family, your best friend, you boyfriend or girlfriend, anyone. It's an awful feeling. It really is, and it's not something other people can help you with, it's something you must tackle by yourself. And if it gets to the point where you are considering suicide, please contact the National Suicide Hotline that will be placed at the end of this journal. You are not alone, even if you feel like it. There are so many ways to get help. Use them to the best of your ability. I urge you to.

National Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255
my email:
I'm someone's property now. If she sees that you have laid hands on me, she will kill you.
You've grown up so much since we first met. I'm so proud of what you're becoming. Sure, we've had a few rough patches here and there, but it all led to this, and for that I am grateful. I love you sis.


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There's 69 deviations in my notifications


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